H & A Dezines

- H & A came into existence in 2006 as a small business in manufacturing and designing Home furnishings.

- Many of the leading stores in Delhi NCR and organised distributors have been the customers for many years.

- H & A always believed in the needs of the customers and how the they could be delighted.

H & A Luggage Business

- H & A expanded into the Luggage business in 2017, where in the promoters always had passion for Travel – both for business and leisure.

- The luggage rolling on the belts at the airports always fascinated them.

- Even though the big luggage companies have substantial presence in the Indian market, but still it seemed that the International styling was missing.

- Luggage was dominated by either the Big names or by local players who had very little insight of the International trends and styles.

- The promoters at H & A realized that the Luggage is as important as your attire and India is gradually evolving as the International market. And more and more people are giving emphasis to stylish and trendy Luggage and Luggage now has more meaning than just a container for the clothes and belongings.

- Quality has always been paramount for H & A. Hence the luggage is of quality accepted and marketed in the most quality conscious country in the world – Japan.

- Along with quality, styling and International trends are important ingredients as the idea is to make available a strong reliable and smart luggage at an honest price to the Customer.

- ICASE has today become the favorite of customers who are conscious of the luggage they carry and are intelligent to chose a good product at an excellent price.

- ICASE has achieved considerable success in a short time and repeated customers have reinforced the product and the ideology.

- ICASE has most recently tested waters by participating in some fairs to get exposure to retail sales.