All the products are manufactured according to the highest quality guidelines and also undergo testing and inspection. Even then if there still be damage to your suitcase, please contact your retailer immediately. A receipt/warranty certificate is required, if you would like to claim the warranty service. You can also have your retailer confirm your purchase with a date and stamp on your warranty card. The warranty services covers material and/or production defects only. The warranty period is 5 years for the hard shell (due to any manufacturing defect) and 2 years for handles, wheels, and zippers. It does not cover normal wear, improper  handling or external forces (i.e. Transport damage, such as deformation, tears, fractures of the hard shell, scratches, dents, abrasion, etc.).  Please check your suitcase after every journey. In case the suitcase has been damaged, please contact your travel operator right away for claims as per their law. 

* All warranty claims shall be subjected to approval by the QC department to qualify the cause of damage.

We encourage you to register your product on www.icasetravel.com to get the best of your warranty claims. 




Please do not load liquid, fragile goods, sharp instruments, Inflammables & explosives.

Please do not load too heavy goods, to prevent damage to the wheel, draw-bar and shell.

Please do not expose to extremely high temperature, to prevent deformation of the shell.

Please do not load in cash and valuables to prevent theft.

Use neutral detergent only to clean your luggage and avoid strong soaps, detergents or other alkaline chemicals. 

Move your luggage on level ground to avoid damage to the wheels and the draw-bar.

Do not lie down your luggage on uneven ground to prevent damage to the shell. 

Please keep the luggage dry, to prevent mildew and odor.

In case of luggage damage during travel, please contact the shipper /airlines for

Compensation or claim as per their rules. 

You can use a luggage cover to reduce the scratch and damage probability.