ICASE luggage gears goes through a strict quality criteria to offer the best features to the customer. 

  • Stability: ICASE luggage is designed to give the best performance ratio. Be it on the wheels or stationary, our baggage will never let you down.
  • Handles & Fixtures: All fixtures are made up of aluminum making it lightweight, easy-handling and rust proof. Each handle is designed ergonomically so that it may be comfortably lifted or dragged by the user. No extra pressure is required to push/pull it. You can use it without tilting your hand while dragging it. The hand posture will be straight resulting in ease of use and you can handle it without tiring your wrist.
  • Materials: Made out of PC (Poly Carbonate) & ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene), ICASE is one of the lightest luggage available in the market. You can't feel its weight while using it. The use of ABS/PC for the outer body makes it cracks proof, water resistant and so durable that it can be used in extreme conditions.
  • Wheels: Rotate 360 degrees. Easily movable wheels with smooth rotation helps the user to change their directions effortlessly.
  • TSA Locks: All ICASE luggage are fitted with TSA Locks, which ensures that the locks are not damaged by the Airport Security Authorities during inspection. 


Wheels Running Test:

Four wheels with ten kilometers of continous running test, to ensure the durability. 

Lock Test: 

500 on –off continous testing, to ensure durability of the lock.

Draw-bar Reciprocating Test:

1000 times draw-bar reciprocating test for the durability of the draw bar. 

Handle shock test:

1000 Times Handle Shock Test with 40 Pounds weight loaded to ensure the handle strength.

Drop And Roller Test: 

90cm Drop Test With  Weight 40 Pounds weight to ensure the strength of the 

casters and 200 Circles Roller Test to ensure the strength of the luggage.

Temperature Test: 

Heat And Cold Resistance Test for durability of the luggage.